Saturday, September 21, 2013

Personality Plus Wrap Up

Well, here we go!  Momio  says a picture is worth a whole bunch of people talk! 
So, without further adoo-dull-lee-doo here is a smattering of my other personalities....I told you all I was FULLOFIT and I wasn't kiddin!  Dat's Rite!



Nosey O'Ghee

Nosey enough to open any door and get into your business!

The Sheik of AraGhee

Salam, I'll lick 'em!  Dat's Rite!


 Pope BabaGhee I


I gots your Nicene Creed!  Dat's Rite, Dat's Rite!

Giddy-Up Ghee

 Yippy-yie-yo-keye-ayyyyyy little fellers, let's go rope a possum!


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  1. hehehehe cute
    Barks and licks and love,