Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All Paws on Deck

Sailor Ghee, Dat's Me!

First Mate and Captain Dadio!

I bet ya'll didn't know I was a #1 First Mate on a fancy sailboat!  Yes indeedy, and I was a good'un too, just ask Dadio!  I was always on the lookout and didn't let Momio & Dadio out of my sight....well, I didn't keep such a close eye on 'em when we went for walks on the beach....there were crabs and birdies and sometimes I'd luck up and run upon a beach squeak...them fellers is fast!

To prove what a good first mate I was, the peeps called our little boat a din-Ghee...ain't that sweet of 'em!  We'd take that din-Ghee to all kinds of fun places:  there were lots of little islands that Dadio named the Isle of Ghee where all the dogs are free!  ( I guess most fellers would be embarrassed by the lavishin' of names, but not me!)  
Me and my big sister, Goldie Goldstein, sniffin' it up on The Isle of Ghee
Click Here to Hear the Ghee

Now a feller like me is full of surprises.  On a beautiful fall weekend, we anchored in the middle of a big ol bayou named Ingram and it was quite a ways to shore.  Us pups went for a nice walk and sniff on shore...which meant we all jumped in the din-Ghee.  We all love a din-Ghee ride!  Well, Momio and Dadio  brought us back to the boat and took off on a din-Ghee adventure without us pups.  Now, I don't like to be left behind, not one bit.  My sisters were always behavin'...but not yours truly!  Sometimes you just have to break the rules....and that's one of my Specialties!  Hear me Say It!
So after repeated attempts at alarming the parental unit to my unhappiness I took matters into my own paws.

To demonstrate my displeasure I jumped right on in that Bayou (without my life preserver) and swam all the way to shore with my short little legs.  I later learned that Momio thinks there are yards in the water, but now, that don't make no sense.  She thinks there were 50 backyards from the boat to the shore.  The little lady needs to stay out of the sun, if you ask me (and you usually do...)Hear Me Say It!

You should-a heard the carrying on when Momio got back on board and immediately missed you-know-who!  I can really get that little lady worked up.  Dadio said the same thing he always says in times like these, "I don't think like a dog!"  Well, the little lady finally saw me running back and forth on the beach (the little lady has a radar on me, I reckon) and din-Gheed over to pick up her little feller! 

Once again, I surprised the peeps with my winnin' ways!  Another hidden talent revealed when you least expect it----Marathon Swimming----another Specialty!

I reckon I taught the peeps a little lesson that day, well, at least Momio...Dadio is a teaching challenge but the little lady catches on purty quick!

Boatin' is one of my Specialties!
First Mate needs his Beautiful Sleep
Keeping Watch for my Peeps---Avast, Matey, Who Ghee's There!


  1. you sure are one adventurous woofie!!
    Barks and licks and love,

  2. Love the life preserver! You were brave to go for that swim!

    1. Why thank ya Miss Amy! I really do think I'm pretty brave but the little lady calls me stubborn....DAT'S RITE! I'm sending Momio over to your blog.
      Have a Gheeful Saturday!