Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Dog's Life is Just Right!

People folks are always saying that we pups just don't live long enough.  I gots to disagree with that because, you see, I think our lives are just right.  Think about it with me and catch up to my winnin' ways...just because the peeps get sad and miss us when we're gone doesn't mean we've done something wrong.  The peeps have a tendency to think about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as it best suits 'em.  It's just a natural fact.

Here's what we pups know that you peeps have a hard time with:  if we lived as long as you we wouldn't have the opportunity to break your hearts open.  That's our sneaky plan, really.  Even the most open and loving people folk have their walls and who better to break them down than a furry creature that makes you the center of their world.  DATS RITE! 

Some peeps think that these walls keep 'em protected but that's the tricky part....they don't protect 'em but keep them fellers from really experiencing the wonderment of it all---DATS RITE, DATS RITE! 
(If you don't believe me, I kindly refer you to my winning personality, Pope BabaGhee I pictured below...He's got-ur Nicene Creed!)

Now, the reason we are discussing such things today is because my good buddy Wasabi left us yesterday.  He was doing what he loved to do, running, and just plum fell over and that was it, he was gone. 

I'm gunna tell ya, that feller was handsome and sweet!  He was a big ol Doberman and baby sister (Lily Bob Thorton) was smitten with him.  That feller was always running the perimeter (that's guard dog talk that I just don't understand) keepin' everyone safe.  And talk about running....Wasabi could run fast as the wind!  In his younger days he even ran with them coyotes!  Now, that's somethin', if you ask me....and you usually do....!  Why, even when he was just standing still he was impressive!  Made a feller stop and look.

Like me, he was keen on the lady folk, always givin' them gals a little nudge with his big ol' pointy nose....and they'd just-a giggle! My Momio is all the time talking for us pups (you may have noticed) and she thinks Wasabi's voice is deep and respectable like James Earl Jones. "Hello Father, I have inspected the perimeter and run off any suspicious creatures.  Let us convene at the hearth."

Now that big ol' pup looked mean but I tell ya, he was sweet as a kitten.  'Uncle Sabi' is what I call him.  Like most us pups, he was always lookin' after his Dadio and Momio, and anyone hangin' out with 'em.  I'm gunna miss the big ol' feller, I tell ya. 
But no one will miss him like his Dadio.
I think that big ol Sabi found the path right to the center of his Dadio's heart. 
Good work Uncle Sabi...mission accomplished!

Uncle Sabi in his favorite chair

The next time you think about your pup or kitty cat (you're thinkin' about 'em right now I betcha) remember that we have important work to do here...
so pay attention people folks! 
Catch onto our winnin' ways and let us show you
how to have wide open fun! 


Uncle Sabi w/his Dadio & Momio

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Personality Plus Wrap Up

Well, here we go!  Momio  says a picture is worth a whole bunch of people talk! 
So, without further adoo-dull-lee-doo here is a smattering of my other personalities....I told you all I was FULLOFIT and I wasn't kiddin!  Dat's Rite!



Nosey O'Ghee

Nosey enough to open any door and get into your business!

The Sheik of AraGhee

Salam, I'll lick 'em!  Dat's Rite!


 Pope BabaGhee I


I gots your Nicene Creed!  Dat's Rite, Dat's Rite!

Giddy-Up Ghee

 Yippy-yie-yo-keye-ayyyyyy little fellers, let's go rope a possum!


Friday, September 13, 2013

Captain Gizmo at Your Service!


Well, every feller needs a super-hero name! I can magically turn Boudreaux Goulet's ascot into a cape in case the universe needs my help to save us from utter destruction and all...or to dash through the neighborhood saving little ladies from critters under their house...that's really where I shine.

The lady-folk like it when I extract the critters from their hiding places and lay them at their little lady feet. Why you've never heard such squealing and carrying on! They just can't thank me enough!

Sometimes all that's needed to save the day is a nice smelly kiss from Captain Gizmo, that's another specialty (the smellier the better!)

There is always an opportunity to save the day with antics that tickle the peeps' funny bone...people folk just get too serious sometimes! 
Even them little peeps get all upset, cryin' over spilled ice cream or such, and need the Ghee to reset their happy meter!
Ya see, I'm full of antics, it's a requirement of us super-heroes! 
Sassy-mouthin' usually gets them feller's attention pretty good, I tell ya.  Especially if its followed up by a little dance.

In times of trouble, remember to call on Captain Gizmo to save the day!

Captain Gizmo:

Super Powers:  corralling critters, tickling funny bones, smelly kisses

Arch Enemies:  Professor Possum, Rat Fink, Dr. Come-Apart, Senor Serious

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Uncle Grumpy...Ack-hem-poooey!

Uncle Grumpy

Well now, don't be shocked. This was really just a little phase I was goin' through.  Now, when I have all the reason to be Uncle Grumpy I'm just nice as can be.  But, once upon a time, if a feller tried to mess with Uncle Grumpy they just might get a little snap...I didn't hurt anybody, I just needed my space.

Time for a nap! Run along little feller.....ack-hem-pooooey!
Run Along Little Whipper-snapper!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Get on with it, Little Lady!

That's what I had to tell my Momio recently.  Ya see, I do have so many personalities and, really, the little lady's been lackadaisical here lately.

And, here's the bottom line, friendly-friends:  it's time to get back to real life, real time Ghee because I gots things to say and a feller doesn't know how long he has to pontificate.

As you may recall, last Fall I had a big lumpy removed from my chest.  Then in the Spring 2 more popped up (mom dressed me in a onesie and put me in an apartment!)
Maybe we should have let them fellers be...but you don't get nowhere looking at your tail, now do ya. 

About a month ago, you guessed it, more lumpies!  Then all of a sudden, lots of of little lumpies sprang up all over my little-ol self...head to toe.  Them fellers just like me too good, I tell ya!

So Docky and I decided to leave these fellers be...sometimes you just have to let things be and make the best of the situation.  Didn't some bugs sing a song about that?  DAT'S RITE!
Well, Dockie Doc and I had a talk with Momio and she's gotten on board with our winnin' way of thinkin (you never know about the little lady!)

I'm back to being a Cone Head, a Coney Island Boy, a Mega Ghee, and an Amplified Feller!  I tell ya, that cone makes my stride even more jaunty, really.

We discovered a new fangled ProCollar at looks a little like an inner tube....I call it my navy nimbus.  It's a little like the people-folks neck pillow which comes in handy for Lazy Ghee.  Here's a handsome profile for ya!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All Paws on Deck

Sailor Ghee, Dat's Me!

First Mate and Captain Dadio!

I bet ya'll didn't know I was a #1 First Mate on a fancy sailboat!  Yes indeedy, and I was a good'un too, just ask Dadio!  I was always on the lookout and didn't let Momio & Dadio out of my sight....well, I didn't keep such a close eye on 'em when we went for walks on the beach....there were crabs and birdies and sometimes I'd luck up and run upon a beach squeak...them fellers is fast!

To prove what a good first mate I was, the peeps called our little boat a din-Ghee...ain't that sweet of 'em!  We'd take that din-Ghee to all kinds of fun places:  there were lots of little islands that Dadio named the Isle of Ghee where all the dogs are free!  ( I guess most fellers would be embarrassed by the lavishin' of names, but not me!)  
Me and my big sister, Goldie Goldstein, sniffin' it up on The Isle of Ghee
Click Here to Hear the Ghee

Now a feller like me is full of surprises.  On a beautiful fall weekend, we anchored in the middle of a big ol bayou named Ingram and it was quite a ways to shore.  Us pups went for a nice walk and sniff on shore...which meant we all jumped in the din-Ghee.  We all love a din-Ghee ride!  Well, Momio and Dadio  brought us back to the boat and took off on a din-Ghee adventure without us pups.  Now, I don't like to be left behind, not one bit.  My sisters were always behavin'...but not yours truly!  Sometimes you just have to break the rules....and that's one of my Specialties!  Hear me Say It!
So after repeated attempts at alarming the parental unit to my unhappiness I took matters into my own paws.

To demonstrate my displeasure I jumped right on in that Bayou (without my life preserver) and swam all the way to shore with my short little legs.  I later learned that Momio thinks there are yards in the water, but now, that don't make no sense.  She thinks there were 50 backyards from the boat to the shore.  The little lady needs to stay out of the sun, if you ask me (and you usually do...)Hear Me Say It!

You should-a heard the carrying on when Momio got back on board and immediately missed you-know-who!  I can really get that little lady worked up.  Dadio said the same thing he always says in times like these, "I don't think like a dog!"  Well, the little lady finally saw me running back and forth on the beach (the little lady has a radar on me, I reckon) and din-Gheed over to pick up her little feller! 

Once again, I surprised the peeps with my winnin' ways!  Another hidden talent revealed when you least expect it----Marathon Swimming----another Specialty!

I reckon I taught the peeps a little lesson that day, well, at least Momio...Dadio is a teaching challenge but the little lady catches on purty quick!

Boatin' is one of my Specialties!
First Mate needs his Beautiful Sleep
Keeping Watch for my Peeps---Avast, Matey, Who Ghee's There!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Born to Hunt: Bonding with Dadio

I really was.  You see I love those little fellers that live under houses, underground and up in trees.  Them fellers just tickle me.  I like to chase 'em around and give 'em a little love bite! They just ain't much fun after that.  I really like the fellers that squeak like my squeaky toys!  

Momio loves it when I bring her a little feller.  She screams and runs in circles, she's so proud...she calls folks on the phone and talks about selling the house.  In her excitement she gets all confused and starts telling me I'm some kind of kitty cat!  That little lady is very excitable.

The squeakers caused such a ruckus I decided to move on to bigger and better things. One night I cornered a big ol possum under the back deck.  I yelled and hollered at that feller for near abouts 7 hours (at least that's what Momio said). 
Here's the thing about them possums, they'll just take a nap on ya...then, when you least expect it they open their eyes and let out a nasty growl. 

Well, I'd just about decided I'd bitten off more than I could chew when Dadio came to the rescue.  Now, I won't go into the details, but let's just say Dadio and I make a winnin' team and I suddenly found a heightened respect for that Dadio feller!
He may not like to parade through the streets with me and Momio
but he does like hunting with his little feller (yours truly). 

He liked it so much I gave him a couple more hunts for good measure!  We prevailed each time because we are just alike and so sympatico!  With each hunt  Momio was so touched by our heroism she was moved to tears!  (That little lady's got some leaky eyeballs!) 
Well, such is life as the Momio to a born hunter!