Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Get on with it, Little Lady!

That's what I had to tell my Momio recently.  Ya see, I do have so many personalities and, really, the little lady's been lackadaisical here lately.

And, here's the bottom line, friendly-friends:  it's time to get back to real life, real time Ghee because I gots things to say and a feller doesn't know how long he has to pontificate.

As you may recall, last Fall I had a big lumpy removed from my chest.  Then in the Spring 2 more popped up (mom dressed me in a onesie and put me in an apartment!)
Maybe we should have let them fellers be...but you don't get nowhere looking at your tail, now do ya. 

About a month ago, you guessed it, more lumpies!  Then all of a sudden, lots of of little lumpies sprang up all over my little-ol self...head to toe.  Them fellers just like me too good, I tell ya!

So Docky and I decided to leave these fellers be...sometimes you just have to let things be and make the best of the situation.  Didn't some bugs sing a song about that?  DAT'S RITE!
Well, Dockie Doc and I had a talk with Momio and she's gotten on board with our winnin' way of thinkin (you never know about the little lady!)

I'm back to being a Cone Head, a Coney Island Boy, a Mega Ghee, and an Amplified Feller!  I tell ya, that cone makes my stride even more jaunty, really.

We discovered a new fangled ProCollar at Petco...it looks a little like an inner tube....I call it my navy nimbus.  It's a little like the people-folks neck pillow which comes in handy for Lazy Ghee.  Here's a handsome profile for ya!

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