Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Crooner Collection of Winnin' Personalities

On with the Show:  Boudreaux Goulet

Now rappin' ain't for everybody and I aim to please.
M'Grandlady, for instance, doesn't cotton to the rappin' of Lazy Ghee and

I gots to keep that grandlady happy--Dat's Rite!

I got me a couple of crooner personalities that the women folk just can't resist!
One of my nightclub acts is called Boudreaux Goulet. In this role I wear a fancy ascot (that's a feller scarf) and a silk smoking jacket and I croon out the tunes as the lady folks swoon.
I tell you what, I do a lot of swooning too...that's the way it's supposed to work, isn't it?

This here is my latest album!  Fancy ain't it! 
My #1 song is "What Kind of Ghee am I"  with "On a Ghee Day, You Can See Forever" coming in at a close second. 

Now your livin'

in the

Key of Ghee--



Lounge Lizard
Boudreaux Buble

Now this feller just has all the folks dancin' & a-swingin'!  You can hear me at the Dresden Room and hot spots like that across America.  DAT'S RITE!  Boudreaux Buble is a happenin' feller as well as a rapscallion. 
As always, I'm the life of the party so grab a partner and cut a rug!

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