Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Born to Run: from Sweet Tater Patch to City Life

Born to Run
I really was.  Since I was just a little feller I have enjoyed a good adventure.  
At the ripe young age of about 7 weeks old I was struck out on my own meeting up with all kinds of folks.  That's how I ended up with good ol Momio...that fateful day she saw me hopping through the sweet tater patch.
Things kinda took a turn for the better, ya might say. 
She took me home to Pensacola (to be a fancy city dog and occassional beach dog)  When we first got home I met a big ol pup named Goldie Goldstein. 
Why, we looked just alike, except that I was the size of her head. 
Before long, Ms. Goldstein and I were sympatico
She even let me snug up with her. 
I tell ya, I couldn't have asked for a better sidekick.
I did love my new city life...there was so much to discover! 
Momio must have caught on to my way of thinking because every time 
I broke free of the yard or bolted out the front door she followed me....justa hollerin out my name the whole time! Why we had ourselves a big time. 
It was especially easy to bolt when Dadio was at the front door. 
He'd always say, 'I don't think like a dog!' Momio did not like hearing that...
I reckon she wanted Dadio to join our p-rade, but he never did. 
One time he and Momio drove around the neighborhood calling out my name. 
When I ran under the car and into a neighbor's garage, Momio just about fainted...she had never seen such feats of wonderment!  
I topped that performance with a front door bolt straight to the street...
Momio was standing on the sidewalk next to the street
so she had the best seat in the house...
I ran plum into the wheel of a moving car and landed on the sidewalk at Momio's feet. 
She was so impressed she fell to the ground in tears...
Now that's a performance that's hard to top! 
But not impossible...stay tuned.


  1. Oh, Momio!!! What fun I've had a'perusing your Ghee and blog of Boudreaux-Boudreaux-Golley, et al!!! This is way too much fun! Ezard sent me one of his famous way out there emails and as usual, I was at a complete loss! Ahha and alas I clicked on the right thing and it took me to your deal--you have to be having a blast, momio, doing this. I am tuned in and can't wait for more tails!!!
    toodles and lots of fun love, memy

  2. Looking forward to more, BBG!! Thank you, thank you for including me in your galaxy!
    Odo's momio

  3. I'm gunna tell ya'll somethin that's just between us: I love all ya'll! And I do love hearin' from ya. I sure would like to meet that Memy AND that there little Odo, I tell ya!