Monday, April 1, 2013

Personality Plus: Meet the Mayor to The Ghee!
It's true, I am full of personality...or as Dadio says, FULLOFIT !
Now that we are getting to know each other I'll let you in on a little secret:
I LUV all Y'all!
Since we are such good friends ya might as well call me by one of my nicknames:

Boudrey, Boudrey Ghee, or just good ol Ghee. Truth is, I have so much personality
that it takes more than one name to encapsulate me. Dat's Rite!
The first personality that Momio noticed was the Mayor.....

Meet Mayor Ghee

The first thing to understand is that I just love everybody so much!
And I mean everybody. They say dogs are good judges of character and
I've never met a character I didn't like! Even grumpy fellers want to smile,
and they will after an encounter with the dazzling Ghee personality plus.
Ya see, every time I see someone I make sure to walk right on up to 'em and
give 'em a big smile and tail wag...that's why Momio calls me the Mayor.

In my first term as your distinguished and tasty mayor
(my paws are d-lish!)
I revoke leash laws and encourage
all four legged fellers to be
free as that wind which blows!

I have a contagious enthusiasm, really. That's another reason you want me as your mayor...getting my constituents all happied up is my specialty!
One of my favorite campaign stops is Docky-Doc's...there are always other pups and kitties to meet AND Docky-doc's assistants call out my name and let me give them kisses PLUS my docky-doc gives me kisses.
What more can a feller want? 
Momio says her docky-doc don't give her kisses...
well, she ain't the mayor:  Dat's Rite!

Women folk just can't resist the Ghee. You fellers out there might have noticed that women folk love to be serenaded. That's why I have a couple-a personalities that know how to croon a tune....
(now, for a dramatic and tantalizing pause
while anticipation of future blog posts builds---
DAT'S RITE!) to The Ghee!

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