Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lazy Ghee

Welcome back to the Land-o-Ghee....I LUV ALL YA'LL...Dat's Rite! 
Time to meet my musical personalities:

Lazy Ghee
This personality plus represents my rebellious adolescent least that what they tell me.  Ya see, I'd moved on from my puppy ways and became a snoozin' little ol' feller. My Momio named me 'Lazy Ghee' 'cause of my  proclivity to nap.  I liked that name pretty good and took to the streets-a-rappin'. It didn't take long before I had a growing number of 'Fly Ghees'.  Just about every lady I meet becomes a Fly Ghee--probably has to do with my mesmerizin' ways.  Some of them are human ladies, some ducks, some puppy dogs...but no squirrels! 
Them fellers are for chasin!
 The women folk just can't resisit my natural charm and when I get to rappin' n grinnin' I am putty in their hands!
That's the way it's suppose to work, dat's rite? 

Here's a little rap for all y'all:
My name is Lazy Ghee
dat's rite! dat's rite!
I gotcha TLC
dat's rite! dat's rite!
The ladies Flyin' for me
dat's rite! dat's rite!
Because I'm fullofit, see
dat's rite! dat's rite!

Well, you can understand how I became an overnight sensation. 
People folks just luv me s'good! 
But here's somethin' I discovered...
m'grandlady didn't like the rappin' too good so I expanded my reportoire! 

The Ghee has somethin' for everybody!
Stay tuned dawgs!


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