Friday, September 13, 2013

Captain Gizmo at Your Service!


Well, every feller needs a super-hero name! I can magically turn Boudreaux Goulet's ascot into a cape in case the universe needs my help to save us from utter destruction and all...or to dash through the neighborhood saving little ladies from critters under their house...that's really where I shine.

The lady-folk like it when I extract the critters from their hiding places and lay them at their little lady feet. Why you've never heard such squealing and carrying on! They just can't thank me enough!

Sometimes all that's needed to save the day is a nice smelly kiss from Captain Gizmo, that's another specialty (the smellier the better!)

There is always an opportunity to save the day with antics that tickle the peeps' funny bone...people folk just get too serious sometimes! 
Even them little peeps get all upset, cryin' over spilled ice cream or such, and need the Ghee to reset their happy meter!
Ya see, I'm full of antics, it's a requirement of us super-heroes! 
Sassy-mouthin' usually gets them feller's attention pretty good, I tell ya.  Especially if its followed up by a little dance.

In times of trouble, remember to call on Captain Gizmo to save the day!

Captain Gizmo:

Super Powers:  corralling critters, tickling funny bones, smelly kisses

Arch Enemies:  Professor Possum, Rat Fink, Dr. Come-Apart, Senor Serious

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