Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Born to Run: from Sweet Tater Patch to City Life

Born to Run
I really was.  Since I was just a little feller I have enjoyed a good adventure.  
At the ripe young age of about 7 weeks old I was struck out on my own meeting up with all kinds of folks.  That's how I ended up with good ol Momio...that fateful day she saw me hopping through the sweet tater patch.
Things kinda took a turn for the better, ya might say. 
She took me home to Pensacola (to be a fancy city dog and occassional beach dog)  When we first got home I met a big ol pup named Goldie Goldstein. 
Why, we looked just alike, except that I was the size of her head. 
Before long, Ms. Goldstein and I were sympatico
She even let me snug up with her. 
I tell ya, I couldn't have asked for a better sidekick.
I did love my new city life...there was so much to discover! 
Momio must have caught on to my way of thinking because every time 
I broke free of the yard or bolted out the front door she followed me....justa hollerin out my name the whole time! Why we had ourselves a big time. 
It was especially easy to bolt when Dadio was at the front door. 
He'd always say, 'I don't think like a dog!' Momio did not like hearing that...
I reckon she wanted Dadio to join our p-rade, but he never did. 
One time he and Momio drove around the neighborhood calling out my name. 
When I ran under the car and into a neighbor's garage, Momio just about fainted...she had never seen such feats of wonderment!  
I topped that performance with a front door bolt straight to the street...
Momio was standing on the sidewalk next to the street
so she had the best seat in the house...
I ran plum into the wheel of a moving car and landed on the sidewalk at Momio's feet. 
She was so impressed she fell to the ground in tears...
Now that's a performance that's hard to top! 
But not impossible...stay tuned.