Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sven Golley...Swede or Mesmerizer, you be the judge!

Well howdy do!  Welcome back! 
As you may remember, we are talking about my many winning personalities....
On with the show! 
Dat's Rite!

Sven Golley....or Gaaawlaaaay

Now, I've never been to Sweden but I reckon there's something about me that them fellers cotton to.      (I don't know if I've mentioned my winning way with people) 
Anyway, because people are so anamored with me and because I look so cute in winter sweaters Momio gave me this Swedish name...
I like it pretty good...especially my fancy headwear! 
I'm full of vim and vigor when I put this here swami hat on and get to mezmerizin! 

You cannot resist the charm of
Sven Gaaawlaaaay! 
You will give me treats and
let me holler at possums!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Crooner Collection of Winnin' Personalities

On with the Show:  Boudreaux Goulet

Now rappin' ain't for everybody and I aim to please.
M'Grandlady, for instance, doesn't cotton to the rappin' of Lazy Ghee and

I gots to keep that grandlady happy--Dat's Rite!

I got me a couple of crooner personalities that the women folk just can't resist!
One of my nightclub acts is called Boudreaux Goulet. In this role I wear a fancy ascot (that's a feller scarf) and a silk smoking jacket and I croon out the tunes as the lady folks swoon.
I tell you what, I do a lot of swooning too...that's the way it's supposed to work, isn't it?

This here is my latest album!  Fancy ain't it! 
My #1 song is "What Kind of Ghee am I"  with "On a Ghee Day, You Can See Forever" coming in at a close second. 

Now your livin'

in the

Key of Ghee--



Lounge Lizard
Boudreaux Buble

Now this feller just has all the folks dancin' & a-swingin'!  You can hear me at the Dresden Room and hot spots like that across America.  DAT'S RITE!  Boudreaux Buble is a happenin' feller as well as a rapscallion. 
As always, I'm the life of the party so grab a partner and cut a rug!